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Bill Jewell Watercolors

From pursuing a geological degree to pharmacy school and back to being self taught, Bill Jewell has inspired many and has been inspired by the beauty of nature. Born in Bangor, Maine February 9th, 1954 and raised in Portland, me he began his artistic expression by drawing at the breakfast table using cereal boxes as reference. From there he moved onto nature, utilizing the complex designs of bird’s feathers from his bird books. Around this age, eight years old, he made the decision to always rely on his knowledge absorbing abilities and to never be taught the tricks of the trade. By the time he was 19 he had designed his first piece which was quickly turned around–from a magic marker piece, to a watercolor; where it found it’s home on the walls of Old Port Tavern–that piece was sold in just four days.
For twenty nine years Jewell has studied the process of oil painting which includes grinding his own pigments and collecting the natural materials from mother nature herself. His only ‘education’ came from the books he’d study; including inspiration from ‘American Imagist’ Maxfield Parrish, and the natural given talent his parents’ passed along. Moved by the process of creating pure azurite by Michael Price he ventured to New York to participate in a workshop on how to create his own colors from natural sources. They became friends and to this day Jewell has collected over 300 pounds of rocks from over 50 different sources. If you see a man pulled to the side of the rock with a rock hammer; it may be him, as he’s known to pull off to the side of the road in the instant his eye is caught by the hue of a color he needs. ‘I’m a messenger to express the greater power here on earth, through utilizing earth’s magnificent varieties.’

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  1. I just bought a signed print of yours in an antique store in Reno. I am really enjoying it and feel like I found a real treasure. It is a watercolor of Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe.

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